October 17, 2004

12. Burning Trash Smells Good.

I bet most people would be surprised by the way burning trash can smell if it's done the right way. When properly burned, it's smell reminds me of Pennsylvania in the fall.That big rusty barrel was the first thing I saw when I got to the school site in late August. Every afternoon during my first week,

I noticed it belching out thick sweet-smelling smoke. Every time I thought to ask someone about it, something else would come up. It took me until the end of the week to figure out

that the smell I'd been enjoying so much that whole time was our refuse. After a brief moment of disgust, I realized why I liked it so much- it smells just like fall in Pennsylvania: sort of a mixture of burning leaves, pipe tobacco and retired pumpkins in the days after Halloween. It only smells bad when items intended for the dump (such as plastic) find their way in. Burning trash only really smells good when it's carefully separated. Below is one of the ten or so garbage wagons positioned throughout the village. When full, they're hauled to the dump for incineration.I have some very different ideas brewing for this website in the coming months... Meanwhile, I have interviewed Henry Lupie, a resident of Tuntutuliak. He made me begin to understand the village better... especially in that there are so many more things to understand. Mr. Lupie will be the honored subject of an entry very soon. Should you have specific questions, just ask!

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