October 16, 2005

37. Dried Fish.

This is a picture of Christiana learning how to prepare fish for drying. She was practicing her technique this summer on some of the fish I ended up sending to a few friends. You can see the fish hanging to dry in the background.

Before summer, I found someone nice enough to agree to prepare some extra for me as a favor. When I got back in August, it was ready. I sent it out in early October, explaining what it was and how to eat it in a letter I sent along with it. I haven't heard back from everyone about it yet, but I've gotten some nice responses. I also got to send some of it to a class of Navajo students in New Mexico. This year my class is involved in a few electronic exchanges that spawned from the Bread Loaf program I was in this summer. Electronic exchanges are like pen-pals, but instead of letter writing between individual students, they are writing to the entire other class- responding both to the class as a whole and to individual students. It can last many weeks or just a few and it can get really interesting.

I've never seen kids so excited to write. We have another one set up for next month with an urban class in Ohio, and we're presently also involved in an Alaska-only project with a class of mostly Russian immigrant students in Wasilla (near Anchorage) and Northway (near Canada). Here's a map of the Alaska project. I've been really busy with this... it's taken up a lot of time, but it's been a lot of fun to figure out. That's mostly why I haven't been posting as much these days. Thanks for commenting!


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