July 21, 2007

43. Santa Fe.

A view of the sunset from my dorm room at St. John's College in Santa Fe, NM.
     This is my third summer with Bread Loaf- after this, two more to go (Ashville, NC then Oxford). I almost can't believe how I fell into my new carrier last summer. I never would have thought I'd like being a librarian as much as I do. I signed up for UW's Information Science program last winter. They have a good online program, though the 'online' business took a little getting used to.
     This summer is already beginning to end. How did I let nearly a year go by without blogging? Ketchikan is a pretty normal place... Tuntutuliak was something to blog about. When classes here get done, I head home to Philly for a month, then back Ketchikan for another year. Lucky to have made some good friends there.


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