December 04, 2005

38. Robotics Club Trip.

This weekend our robotics team went to Bethel and took home first place for programming and design! This is the fourth year I've coached the First Lego League robotics program (my first two years were back in Philly), but it's the first time my team's gotten an award. Way to go Tunt!

Going to Bethel with a school group is always an adventure. Everyone has to wear snow pants so that no one freezes in case the little plane makes an emergency landing. We were supposed to come back Saturday, but ice-fog kept the planes grounded, so that night we went out to for Chinese food. Other than their school trip to Seattle last spring, this was the first time some of the kids had been to a restaurant in years.

We got back today but were delayed a little longer, this time by the cold. It was around -25 F most of the weekend with windchills below -40. It's district policy not to allow school groups on the tiny planes when the windchill is less than -35. I guess snow pants don't work as well when the windchill is less than -35.


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