September 25, 2004

9. A Walk to the Dump.

Good morning sunshine!
Good morning! It's Saturday morning, almost 9:00 and the sun's just about to rise. We're going to walk east of Tunt to the dump I mentioned before. Be careful- the boardwalk is very slippery. I've slipped a few times... one time right off the boardwalk. Good thing no one was watching.

Every morning this week has broguht a thick layer of frost. The boardwalk isn't normally this color. Notice that the houses are on stilts. All the buildings are- just like the Jersey shore. Sometimes when I walk near a lot of drying salmon it smells like New Jersey too. (Not the whole village- just next to the fish)

Here, we're still less than a mile from the school, but we've passed the last house.

The ramps leading up to the boardwalk are snow machine cross-overs. In the distance you can see the smokestack to the incinerator at the dump.

The enrtrance to the dump. Sign reads: "Stop! Put trash in bin. Do your part in helping keep dump clean!" Hard not to appriciate the irony, though it is a very tidy place.

The incinerator. Anything that's not burnable at home is burnable here.

This gate is directly behind the incinerator. This is as far away as you can get from town and still be on the board walk.

Beyond the bordwalk I found this old sled. These sleds are common here. People hook them to snow machines and four wheelers to carry stuff. If you look closely, you can see how the sun melted lines through the frost on one inside wall of the sled through holes in the oppisite wall...

This is the kind of stuff that covers about 60% of the tundra in Alaska. The other 40% is mostly water.


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