September 04, 2004

4. After the first week...

Here are some of the things that really struck me:
-a large majority of our parents came on the first day of conferences
-many of the kids have a parent who works in the school
-our classroom materials are plentiful, and we're allowed to order more
-the kids are remarkably kind to each other
-the people are among the nicest I've ever met
-the water from the well at the school is chunky and rusty, but apparently safe to drink

Our Water Tank

-our rain gutters drain into the water tank in our house and is our primary water source
-moose, caribou, seal, salmon and berries are popular things to eat
-all wild berries and most local vegetation are edible, I've been told raw seal and raw salmon are too
-there aren’t any roads or sidewalks, just boardwalks with small traffic signs for the four wheelers
-the water makes us dirty, so most people take steam baths in steam houses, which are all over the place
-the electric toilet in our house actually burns the poop, it takes about an hour

-the electric toilet grosses me out; I prefer using the honey bucket, which is just a bucket
-the toilet in our school empties into an open pond that is about 70 yards from my house, but it doesn't smell
-we burn our trash every day
-i haven't left a 200-yard radius since I arrived
-dogs are everywhere, as are kids
-my students call me David


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