January 09, 2005

22. Back To My Favorite Job.

My roommate was nice enough to shovel the snow off my bed and write this note. It was on the door of my room when I got back. Window latches are more important in Alaska.

I found out about that live materials order I was waiting for back in October when we didn't have mail for a week... it's on it's way finally. Giant hissing cockroaches, tadpoles, fish, snails, butterflies, plants... hope they make it.

I had a nice time at home. My sister had a great party the night I got back, was with friends and family for Christmas and went to NYC for New Year's with Alex. Saw Josh and Sarah's kid, Lowden... he was noticeably older. Went to Chris' party. The best part was giving a talk to the students at Stratford Friends School about my experiences here in Alaska. I've never seen a group of elementary school kids act so polite and thoughtful. I was blown away... Winter break was an energizing time.

It's nice coming back from winter break hearing "Holly cow, you're really tall" instead of "Yo, STRING BEAN!" There's a lot about teaching in the city that I miss, but I was happier to return to work this time around than in the past.


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